Daisy Afghan Progress

progress!I’ve been working on this afghan for quite a while.  Mainly because I have so many different projects going on at once.  I’m thinking that maybe I should wrap up one project and move on to the next rather than try to juggle, oh, five or six things at once.  (Harley’s Dragon, Mom’s wrap, this blanket, my Moogly CAL blanket, the second CAL blanket and random animals – more on these later)

It’s been slow progress, too, because of the weather.  It’s so nice outside and it’s not raining so we’re taking this opportunity to work on our yard.  We finally have grass instead of a mud pit in our backyard though!

I’ve determined the time it takes to make one octagon “square” – 1 hour.  Yikes!  Now, that could be because I watch tv while I crochet and occasionally I’ll be mid-stitch and sit there for a few minutes, but the rough time to do the center circle and add the 16 petals is 30 minutes.  From there on out it takes me another 30 minutes to finish out the three remaining color rounds, with each color being two rounds.

Don’t feel bad that it takes one hour to make a square.  That’s about average for me – I’m not a slow crocheter, but I’m also not the fastest.  This is a really easy pattern to follow and it’s not difficult, just time consuming!  I really feel energized on this project now that I see the six squares joined together.  Only 18 more to go! 🙂

I didn’t realize how large the space is for the center squares.  Honestly, I didn’t realize how large this whole thing is anyways.  Of course, that could have something to do with my crocheting style – I have looser stitches.  That’s not a bad thing though!  It’s not going to fall apart, but my finished projects have a lot more movement and aren’t as stiff.

These yarns are really soft and I can feel the warmth of them already.  It’s going to be a nice afghan for three seasons.  There is enough airflow through the daisy petals that you can stay cool, but enough warmth from all the yarn to keep you warm.  I’ll have to weigh the final product and see how much it ends up weighing.  That’ll be interesting.

I’m going to have a hard time getting this one away from Chris though.  He’s already commented on how nice this is going to be when it’s finished.  Sorry Chris, this one isn’t yours!

More updates to come!

This pattern can be found on my Ravelry project page and it includes more pictures.


Hopping Right In

Op-Art Afghan Square

Alright, let’s get this started.  I’m so excited to be documenting and sharing all the different projects I’ve worked on and will be working on.  I’m mostly excited to document my progress as I learn more about crocheting and seeing the difference in my work.  How about I start with a square that I fell in love with this week.

A little background: Moogly is hosting a crochet-along (CAL) and I’m finding it to be an awesome learning experience.  I’ve been working with various shades of turquoise/peacock blues and grays.  I’m nine or ten squares into this CAL and every week there is a new variation on a stitch.  Most of these squares haven’t inspired me in the color department and they don’t look wonderful.  Enter George.

Hi George!  George is my square that I am in love with.  The pattern and colors came together perfectly, so now I have to hug it and squeeze it and call it George.  Because of this pattern I’m now going to plan on a 5×5 throw because … well, just because.

This pattern can be found on my Ravelry projects page.